2022-09-18 /Company Events

Health & Nutrition Asia is organized by VNU,one of the leaders in organizing VIV exhibitions worldwide from feed to food.The combination with VICTAM offers a unique platform in Asia.

We supply a wide range of veterinary active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs),feed additives and supplements. We are seeking distributors so that the goods can reach target users and consumers in the Southeast Asian countries.

Our strong export is Magicoh pellet binder. We have over 23 years' experience in exporting it. The product is initially developed for use in shrimp feed to improve water stability and durability. It’s a most cost-effective solution for shrimp feed mills with low inclusion giving more formulation space for other valuable nutrients. Now this pellet binder is more and more applied in poultry and pig feed to reduce dust and increase hardness.

With the restriction and ban of antibiotics used in animal feed, we introduce a few of feed additives of natural source. Potassium Diformate is such kind of product which has been approved in the EU as a non-antibiotic growth promoter. the product is safe,non-toxic and free residual for animal use. 

The pandemic has interrupted international travel,and separated the world for over two years. The businesspeople are strongly looking forward to an opportunity to meet up to know what are going on in the industry. Thanks to Thailand government lifting the pandemic measures and encouraging the tourists, the industry players from the target countries and regions are coming here. It’s not only an industry show, but also a celebration as well for the success in battling against the pandemic.

In 3-day exhibition, we had more visitors than I originally expected. some are our clients, some are our product users, and some visitors are very much interested in getting more information from us.

Dear friends, if you missed it, welcome to write to us for more details about company profile and product information


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