Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is a trading and OEM enterprise focusing on veterinary APIs, feed additives, and human health product ingredients. We provide cost-effective product supply chain services (solutions), so to meet the interests of clients in terms of improving efficiency, enhancing function and reducing costs, and improving people's lives as well.

The co-founders have more than 20 years experience and stable upstream and downstream cooperation. The company stabilizes its supply system by investing in the production side, expanding customized production, and exploring new opportunities and new markets by increasing market investment and innovating sales channels. Our team adheres to the concept of "integrity, reliability, and professionality", and constantly improves our professional service and problem-solving ability. We are doing our best to be your loyal and reliable partner on your road to success.

We have been learning, and always working hard!

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De Mark operates with reference to the ISO quality system at every step of whole supply chain to ensure that product quality is not adversely affected from all aspects of production, sales, warehousing, in-land and export logistics. At the same time, we record and maintain data for each batch of products and each shipment in detail and completely to ensure traceability of historical data.
All products in our supply chain are manufactured as per the standard. Production facilities are regularly audited by third-party certification organization and issued with appropriate certificates, including but not limited to the following:


We believe that integrity is the first fundamental foundation for building and sustaining business relationships, and we perpetually uphold this belief.
We understand our customers' concerns and needs for quality-cost, and we are willing to work with you to explore and work on this.
We understand the market's needs in terms of multiple varieties and small quantities, and we also simultaneously improve our strategies and technologies to provide clients with a package of services to meet their rapid and fragmented needs.


Philosophy and values: integrity, reliability, professionality
Mission: Our efforts for the health of the world.
Vision: To achieve you and me, to achieve the globe.

History of De Mark

Over the past 4 years De Mark has never stopped its painstaking research and development.

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